LCD 30 Speed Massage Gun

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Relax with the 11:11 Portable Massage Gun with 30 Gears, featuring 30 speeds and 8 massage heads designed to help reach deeply into the muscles to loosen them up and help eliminate lactic acid build up. With the different variety of massage heads, the massage heads serve a variety of purposes, helping relax muscles, deeply massage, and increase the range of motion.

30 Setting Massage Gun
Portable Size
LED Indication Light
Display Screen
Metal Chassis Construction
6 Massage Heads
Flat Head
Round Head
Cuspate Head
Double-Claw Head
Curved Head
Rounded Flat Head
Proprietary Charging Port


30 Speed Settings
30 Speed Settings for reaching deep into the muscles to break up lactic acid build up in muscles. Speed can be adjustable to tolerance levels and needed depth of massage. Massage gun can also be used to relax muscles and eliminate muscle fatigue while extending the range of motion to tired or sore muscles.

8 Massage Heads
Flat head can be used for muscle relaxation. The round head is suitable for general muscle massage. The Cuspate Head is great for reaching deep into muscles and more focused application of massage. Double-claw head is suitable for massaging the spine or Achilles tendon. The various heads are great for different areas of the body.

Portable Travel Case
This massage gun is portable and small in size, perfect for those that travel or are constantly on the go. Featuring a padded and zippered storage case, this travel-friendly massage gun can be stored with the 8 massage heads and charging cables.

Type-C Charging
The massage gun comes with an large internal battery but can be recharged quickly with the included Type-C charging cable.


1 Massage Gun Machine
1 Round Head
1 Double-Claw Head
1 Cuspate Head
1 Flat Head
1 Rounded Flat Head
1 Curved Head
1 Charging Cable
1 Instruction Manual