Professional PILOT Clipper #8483

$75.95 $61.95
Discover the Wahl Professional PILOT Clipper, featuring a quiet rotary motor, taper lever, and 8 guide combs to deliver high precision tapers and textures. Built in a compact form factor, the Pilot Clipper is relatively lightweight and is about 2/3rds of the size of traditional clippers, but uses full sized blades to ensure a high degree of use and cutting ability. The smaller form grants better control for increased manueverability. The adjustable taper lever features notches to show exact placement when fading.

Model: PILOT
Item: #8483
60 Hz
14400 SPM
Rotary Motor
On/Off Switch
1005 Adjusto-Lock Blade
Adjustable Taper Lever
8 Guide Combs - 1/16"-1"
8' Chemical Resistant Cord
One Year Limited Warranty
Made in USA


1 PILOT Clipper
8 Guide Combs
1 Blade Oil
1 Cleaning Brush
1 Operating Instructions
1 Red Blade Guard