Ultima M8 Professional Microneedle Pen Electric Wireless

$195.99 $54.95
Check out Dr. Pen - Ultima M8 Professional Microneedle Pen Electric Wireless, with adjustable needle depth, digital display screen, and 6 speed levels. Microneedling works by creating fine microchannels in the skin, allowing topical cosmetics to penetrate deeply and work more effectively. In addition, the tiny perforations help stimulate the production of collagen, allowing the skin to heal more consistently and become stronger.

Model: Ultima M8
Adjustable Needle Depth
6 Speed Levels
Voltage: 100-240V
Removable Batteries
Aluminum Alloy Chassis
Single Mode Button
Digital Display Screen
Bayonet Style Attachment - 3 Slots
Individually Packaged 16-Pin Cartridges
Wired & Wireless Modes


1 Dr. Pen M8 Beauty Pen
2 #16 Cartridges
1 US Wall Charger
1 USB Cable
1 Instruction Manual
1 Travel Case