Hydra Pen H2 Replacement Cartridges

Check out the Dr. Pen Hydra Pen H2 Replacement Cartridges, a variety of needle configurations to improve skin texture and increase absorption of cosmetics. Offering different sizes and patterns, these needles create a channel for cosmetics and skin care topical treatments to penetrate deeply to work more efficiently.

Stainless Steel Microneedles
Different Needle Configurations & Styles
0.25mm 12-Pin
0.5mm 12-Pin
1.0mm 12-Pin
3mL Cartridge
Threaded Fill System
Threaded Needle Cap
Slide-In Connection
Comes in a pack of ten (10)


Fillable Vial Cartridge Tips
With fillable vial cartridges, any serum can be filled and autimatically applied during needling to increase absorption. Microneedling creates tiny channels that permeate through the epidermis for improved absorption that helps cells recieve a higher degree of nourishment that is greater than topical application and absorption.

Different Needle Configurations
Various Needle Configurations offer more precise or broader needling patterns to cover more area or to focus on trouble spots. The different cartridge types allow better microneedling sessions to produce better results to the variety of skin blemishes that can affect a person.

Bayonet Locking System 
Revised 3L Connection maintains a sturdier connection to device, reducing slippage and chances for disconnecting cartridges for a more stable needling without dragging. The bayonet locking system allows for a safer and easier operation of the needling pen.