10" LED Selfie Ring Light Foldable Circle Lamp

Discover the 10" LED Selfie Ring Light Foldable Circle Lamp Phone Holder Pro Portable Photo, a LED lamp for illuminating subjects or objects. Shining brightly, this ring lamp is ideal for providing a crystal clear image or video for those that are looking to create content, livestream, video conference, or do photoshoots. Perfect for use on-the-go, this Selfie Ring Light can be used on vacation as it is created in a foldable form factor that permits easy transportation and convenient usage.

Dimensions - 290mm by 290mm by 65mm
Foldable Design
144 LED Light Beads
3 Light Modes - Cold / Soft / Warm
Adjustable Light Temperature: 3200-6000K
180° Anti-Slip Phone Clamp - Accommodates 4-6.5" Smartphones Securely
360° Rotating Phone Holder
Telescoping Rod Stand - 520cm - 1680mm
Storage Base
4 Button Wired Controller
USB Powered Power Cord
Bottom Cable Storage Solution
Available Colors: Black, Pink, or White


Portable Form Factor
Foldable design makes for easy transportation for those that are traveling, on vacation, or are constantly on-the-go. Live streaming, video conferencing, or mobile photoshoots are possible thanks to the lightweight and simple-to-use folding construction of this LED Light Lamp.

Adjustable Luminous Light Output
Dotted with 144 Light Emitting Diodes, these LEDs can output brilliant light in a variety of color temperatures, ranging from 3200-6000K. With a controller built into the wire, the light can be adjustable in a stepless manner or even turned off, making this a great light source for those that are looking for a reliable LED Lamp for their ventures.

Swivel Head Design
With 360° of rotation, the anti-slip clamp system can accommodate smartphones from 4-6.5" easily and securely. With a 210° range of adjustment, the phone holder can accomodate different angles of shots from a top-down or even bottom-up position.

Telescoping Support Rod
Equipped with a telescoping support rod, the light source and phone holder can be securely raised or lowered to the desired height, allowing the LED Lamp to be used any surface whether it be on the floor, countertop, or table.

1 LED Light Lamp 1 USB Power Cord