5-in-1 Ultrasonic Face Lifting RF Anti-Aging LED Photon Therapy

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Check out the 5-in-1 Ultrasonic Face Lifting RF Anti Aging LED Photon Therapy, a device that helps treat skin issues and provides anti-aging effects. With a variety of light therapy options, this skin care device helps counter internal and external stressors. Electrical Muscle Stimulation helps with increasing circulation and ultimately healing rates.

Dimensions - 160mm by 4.5mm
Integrated Rechargeable Battery
5-in-1 Multi-Function
Electroporation Treatment - Transdermal Absorption of Topical Substances
Electrical Muscle Stimulation - Increases Healing Rate 
Mesoporation - Helps Nutrient Delivery and Absorption of Substances through Skin
Radio Frequency - Reduces Wrinkles and Fine Lines
LED Phototherapy - Colored LED lights help aid in skin issues and calming inflammation.
5 Color LED Treatment
Green Light
Red Light
Pink Light
Yellow Light
Blue Light
Charging Stand


5-in-1 Multifunctional Operation 
Multifunctional, the Ultrasonic Face Lifting RF Anti-Aging LED Photon Therapy device offers many benefits to counteract the effects of aging, helping improve skin absorption of beauty creams and essences, LED light technology to help address acne causing bacteria, increase collagen production, and stimulate facial muscles to reduce skin sagging and coloration.

Electroporation Treatment
Electroporation helps transport nutrients and other topical beauty creams into the cells for increased absorption and efficacy by using electricity to increase the permeability of the cellular walls.

Electrical Muscle Stimulation 
EMS, or electrical muscle stimulation, utilizes electrical microcurrents to stimulate the muscles to contract to speed up healing by increasing blood flow and circulation. EMS is non-invasive and eliminates any strain, excessive impact, or force to the muscle group and can be used in the comfort of the home. 

Radio Frequency 
Helps stimulate collagen production to increase skin elasticity, fighting wrinkles and fine lines, tightening sagging skin. Heat is produced in the targeted area via molecular friction and helps contract collagen fibers while stimulating fibroblasts to produce more collagen in the skin to help tighten and lift sagging skin for a healthier youthful appearance.

LED Phototherapy
Colored LED Lights are used for a myriad of skin problems to varying degrees of success. Red lights help stimulate collagen production, eliminating fine lines and wrinkles while speeding up healing. Blue lights help kill acne-causing bacteria and targets sebaceous glands to lower their activity in producing oil that can worsen acne.

Helps reduce the skin barrier, allowing nutrients and topical beauty products to be absorbed with better efficiency. Mesoporation is non-invasive and does not utilize needles to produce results for a safer and painless procedure.


1 Skincare Device 
1 User Manual 
1 Power Supply Cable 
1 Charging Stand