5 Star Series Unicord Combo

$125.99 $84.95
Discover the Wahl 5 Star Series Unicord Combo, a trimmer and clipper combo that allows for ultra-precise detailing and trimming for finishing fades and tapers. The clipper is designed to cut through swaths of hair and set up fades, while the trimmer set can deliver ultra-close shaves and line-ups.

Clipper & Trimmer Combo
Model: Magic Clip Clipper
Item: #8148
60 Hz
V9000 Electromagnetic Motor
2191 Adjustable 0000 Blade
Zero Gappable Blade
Corded/Cordless Operation
Seamless blends for Hard or Soft Line Fading
Model: Razor Edger Trimmer
Item: #8051
60 Hz
Lithium-Ion Battery
Electromagnetic Motor
1062-200 Adjustable T-Blade
Zero Overlap Blade
3 Guide Combs - 1/2", 1, 1-1/2"
Corded Operation
Scoop Nose Design - Precision Corded Trimmer


1 Clipper
8 Clipper Guide Combs
1 T-Blade Trimmer
3 Trimmer Guide Combs
1 Interchangeable QC Cord
1 Styling Comb
1 Blade Oil
1 Cleaning Brush
1 Operating Instructions
1 Red Blade Guard