7 Color LED Light Photon Therapy Face & Neck Mask

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Check out the 7 Color LED Light Photon Therapy Face & Neck Mask offering improvements to the skin's outlook with different colored LED lights. With 7 different colors, each color has its own unique properties like increasing collagen production, reversing aging effects, and speeding up cellular activity and turnover. One prime example is the red light which improves healing and has been used by scientists and the military. Blue light wavelengths work to kill any acne-causing bacteria.

7 Color LED Light Therapy
Red Light
Blue Light
Yellow Light
Green Light
Purple Light
Cyan Light
Microcurrent Electrodes
Elastic Headband Securing System
Detachable Neck Portion
Remote Control Operation
Corded Power Supply


LED Light Therapy
Utilizing specific wavelengths of light, photon therapy helps several skin care issues associated with aging and wear. Treating a variety of skin problems with LED light have been proven possible with results supporting their use, preventing breakouts, killing bacteria, and minimizing scarring.

Red Light (630nm)
Red LED light helps with cellular regeneration and turnover, repairing any damage and reducing scarring while improving the cellular function and activity to speed up healing and collagen production.

Blue Light (470nm)
Blue LED Light helps eliminate bacteria and reduces acne while easing inflammation for a cleaner and more clearer complexion. Scientifically, blue light has been proven to kill P.acnes bacteria that is widely held responsible in causing acne and breakouts.

Yellow Light (590nm)
Stimulates the lymphatic system, soothing skin and brightening complexions while reducing spots and melanin. Yellow light helps provide energy to cells and improve the rate of oxygen exchange.

Green Light (520nm)
Green LED Light reduces Promotes healing and cell absorption, evening the skin tone and assists with reducing the appearance of redness and irritated skin.

Purple Light (400nm)
Purple LED Light improves the skin's condition by increasing the rate of cellular renewal and regeneration while assisting with lymphatic drainage, removing built up toxins from the body's lymphatic system. A combination of blue and red light, purple light can help reduce the appearance of acne scars.

Cyan Light (500nm)
Cyan LED Light helps reduces skin tension for a more relaxed and natural complexion. Cyan light also helps heal sunburn and inflammation while releasing and reducing stress for increased circulation and bloodflow. Promoting the sythesis of protein and collagen, cyan light enhances cellular energy for better processes.

Microcurrent Electrodes
Sends microcurrent electricity to increase the activity of cells for faster production of collagen and cellular response. Can also be used to make the mask fit better or more reliably.


1 LED Light Mask
1 LED Neck Mask
1 Remote Control
1 Power Supply
7 Microcurrent Electrodes