Cordless Automatic Curling Iron Hair Curling 360°

$49.99 $29.95
Shop Cordless Automatic Curling Iron Hair Curling Wand Ceramic Rotating Curler, offering a hair curling system with 3 heat settings and 6 curl times. Built with an integrated battery, this curling wand offers a power bank feature that can charge smartphones and other devices, making this the perfect hair curler for traveling or those that are on-the-go.

Dimensions - 189.9mm by 59.9mm
Integrated Rechargeable Battery
Wireless Automatic Curler
Start Button
LCD Display Screen
Adjustment Button
Power Button
Automatic Reverse Function
30s Heating Feature
3 Adjustable Heat Settings
150°-200°C / 300°-390°F
4 Different Coiling Times - 8s/10s/12s/14s/16s/18s
Two Coiling Directions
Audible Buzzer Indicator
MicroUSB Input Port
USB Charging Port
10m Auto Shut Off Function


Automatic Hair Curling
Safe insulated hair curling room helps automatically heat and coil hair without accidentally burning your skin or hair. With the ability to curl hair to a right or left coiling system, the automatic hair curler can be used to set strong bounce or light and soft curls that is sure to help make the perfect hairstyle in minutes.

Innovative Heating System
Rapidly heats in 30 seconds to quickly curl hair with 3 adjustable heat settings and 6 coiling settings for slight, soft, or strong curls, depending on desired hair style. The Hair Curler can coil hair to the right or left, while an audible notification system announces when to stop curling and remove hair.

Power Bank Feature
Internal integrated battery acts as a power bank, allowing USB connection to charge smartphones or other devices when traveling or on-the-go. The internal battery is charged via MicroUSB port for an ultra-portable configuration that can be brought about.


1 Hair Curler Device
1 Comb
1 Storage Bag
1 User Manual
2 Hairpins