Hydra Pen H2 Derma Pen Wireless Microneedling

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Shop Dr. Pen Hydra Pen H2 Derma Pen Wireless Microneedling, offering 4 speed levels, adjustable needle depth, and simultaneous serum infusion. Storing serum within fillable vial cartridge tips, the Hydra Pen H2 works by creating microdamage to the epidermis, allowing the filled serum to penetrate deeply into the skin for maximum absorption and efficacy.

Model: Hydra Pen H2
Adjustable Needle Depth - 0.25 to 1.0mm
4 Adjustable Speed Controls - 1800-7000rpm
Voltage: 100-240V
3mL Hydra Pen Cartridge Tips
0.25mm 12-Pin
0.5mm 12-Pin
1.0mm 12-Pin
Built-In Rechargeable Battery
Aluminum-Alloy Chassis
Single Button Operation
Digital Display Screen
Bayonet-Style Attachment
Wireless Operation


4 Adjustable Speeds
Four adjustable speed levels control the frequency and speed of needle penetration ranging from 1800 to 7000rpm and is displayed on a prominent LCD Screen on the housing for easy reading and accuracy.

Adjustable Needle Length
With a 3 depth settings, the needle depth is adjustable and ranges from 0.25-1.0mm allowing for precise control on the depth of the needles. Shorter depths heal faster and cause lighter discomfort but are less effective. Longer needle depth allows for more effectiveness but can be more discomforting and take longer to heal.

Fillable Vial Cartridge Tips
With fillable vial cartridges, any serum can be filled and autimatically applied during needling to increase absorption. Microneedling creates tiny channels that permeate through the epidermis for improved absorption that helps cells recieve a higher degree of nourishment that is greater than topical application and absorption.

Built-In Battery & Wireless Operation
No pesky wires to get in the way or potential contaminate the microabrasions when microneedling, leading to a more comfortable and safer session. The built-in battery can be recharged in between sessions, eliminating the dependency on disposable batteries, reducing waste to the earth.


1 HYDRA Pen H2
1 Charging Adapter
1 Charging Cable
1 User Manual
2 12-Pin Cartridges
2 Retention Rings