Electric Hair Straightener Multifunctional Comb

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Check out the Electric Hair Straightener Multifunctional Comb, featuring a rapid 15s heater, ceramic coated heating element, and negative ion transfer. Equipped with a removable toothed comb to prevent burning, this hair straightener can be used to smooth curls, volumize hair, and rein in unruly strands for an impeccable hair-do.

Dimensions - 230mm by 30mm
Single Switch Operation
Ceramic Coated Ionic Heater
Rapid 15S Preheating
Removable Toothed Comb
LED Indicator Light
Optimal 120°C Temperature for Conditioning Hair


Multifunctional Hair Straightener Comb
Volumize hair, straighten curls, or flattenen unruly strands with the multifunctional hair straightener comb. Combining comb teeth and ceramic coated heating barrels, this straightener comb can maximize volume, smooth out curls, and straighten hair for effortess hairdos in the morning.

PTC Instant Heater
Preheats in 15 seconds, the heating plate rapidly heats to help dry hair and prevents burning. Featuring comb teeth to help grab, guide, and style hair, the protective comb cover stops hair from over-burning to help style hair effortlessly. Set to an optimal 120°C, this hair straightener comb can help condition hair.

Ceramic Coated Ionic Heater
Ceramic coated materials transfer heat with good conductivity while transferring negative ions to help dry hair better and faster by bonding with positive water ions in wet hair. In addition, this process seals and locks in moisture in the hair.


1 Hair Curler Device
1 Storage Bag
1 User Manual