Electric Makeup Brush Cleaner Dryer

$22.99 $14.99

Shop the Electric Makeup Brush Cleaner Dryer, featuring a brush spinner, 8 rubber holding collars, and plastic bowl for cleaning and drying makeup brushes. Locking makeup brushes securely with the rubber collars, this cleaner works by spinning the brush within the cleaning solution to thoroughly remove any trapped makeup. Drying is done by spinning the brush out of the solution and can be done in less than a minute per brush.


2-in-1 Function
Dual AA Batteries
8 Rubber Holding Collars
Cleans & Dries Brushes
Single Button Operation
Ultra Fast Rotation
Hygenic Plastic Bowl - Shatterproof
Compatible with All Brush Sizes


Ultra-Fast Rotation
Brush spinner utilizes fast rotation to thoroughly remove trapped makeup residues within the brush and can be spun out of the water or cleaning solution to help quickly dry brushes. Great for multistep make up routines, this brush cleaner can clean and dry a brush in under a minute, saving time and energy.

Rubber Holding Collars
8 Different Sized Rubber Collars can fit all types brushes securing them firmly to be cleaned and dried without any fear of falling off.

Hygenic Plastic Bowl
Outfitted with an hygenic plastic bowl, the electric brush cleaner can hold cleaning solution or water to remove unwanted make up within the brush and can be dumped out and cleaned when finished.


1 Brush Spinner
8 Collars
1 Detachable Plastic Bowl