Electric Rose Quartz Jade Roller Vibrating Facial 2-in-1

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Check out the Electric Rose Quartz Jade Roller Vibrating Facial 2-in-1, a vibrating jade roller and eye press that helps remove fine lines or wrinkles. A vibrating function helps relax the facial muscles and soothes the skin by improving circulation and absorption of any beauty creams or topicals to for better results when used in combination with the Quartz Jade Roller.

100% Natural Rose Jade Quartz
Dimensions - 148mm by 51mm
Single AA Battery - Not Included
6000-7000 Vibration/Minute
Zinc-Alloy Construction
Squeak-Free Design
Threaded Top Attachment
Rolling Jade Quartz - Rubbered Attachment
Jade Quartz Eye Press
Bottom Threaded Battery Cap


Dual Function
Jade Facial Roller helps smooth the facial features eliminating wrinkles and fine lines while increasing absorption of any beauty creams and essenses. Rolling helps promote collagen production and improves circulation for better cell activity. The included eye press attachment helps reduce puffiness and dark circles underneath and around the eyes for a healthier outlook.

Ultrasonic Vibration
Quiet ultrasonic vibrations help aid the rolling and eye press attachments, reaching 6000-7000 vibrations per minute, boosting the effects of the eye press and rolling functions. Vibrations help with reducing fatigue, relaxing muscles in the face, and soothing the skin.

Squeak-Free Design
Rubber additions to the Rolling Jade Quartz attachment help quiet the facial roller, eliminating any potential squeaking for an annoyance-free operation for you and others around you when trying to relax and improve the facial beauty, circulation, and appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.


1 Electric Rose Quartz Jade Roller 
1 Eye Press 
1 User Manual