3 Color LED Light Photon Therapy Face Mask

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Shop the 3 Color LED Light Photon Therapy Face Mask, featuring LEDs to stimulate cellular activity, reduce acne, and production of anti-aging agents. With three color LED options to activate a different response of the cells for differing conditions, LED light therapy has been used by NASA and the military to increase healing and inhibit bacteria growth.

Face Shield Design
Intuitive Button Operation
Silicone Nose Pads
Hinged Temples
3 Color LED Light Therapy
Red Light
Blue Light
Orange Light
Changes Colors Every 5 Minutes
MicroUSB Charging Port


LED Light Therapy
Colored LED Lights Help with a myriad of skin care issues, promoting cellular grown and regeneration, inhibit bacteria, increase elasticity, and reduce signs of aging.

Red LED Light
Red light wavelength helps increase cell activity, production and renewal of collagen, and promotes blood circulation while fading spots and fine lines to help counteract aging and its effects.

Blue LED Light
Eliminate acne causing bacteria with blue light wavelengths that also reduce acne inflammation, lowering sebaceous gland activity, and maintain smooth clear skin. Blue light has been proven to kill P.acnes bacteria that is held responsible in causing acne.

Orange LED Light
Increase the rate of cellular turnover and remove waste and impurities from the skin with orange or amber LED light wavelengths. A great treatment for rosacea and reducing any redness or calming irritation.


1 LED Mask
1 MicroUSB Cable
1 User Manual