Face Steamer Mist Steam Moisturizing Facial Sprayer Spa Deep Cleanser

Shop the Face Steamer Mist Steam Moisturizing Facial Sprayer Deep Cleanser, featuring a 50mL water storage, rapid boiling feature, and two steaming masks. With a specialized masks for the face and nose, each mask can redirect steam to particular areas for more attention. The stainless steel water storage system can hold up to 50mL of water and rapidly boils to output steam.

50mL Fill Capacity
Corded Operation
Power Output: 130W
Voltage: 110-220V
50Hz / 60Hz
Food Grade Polypropylene Construction
Single Button Operation
Thermal Steamer - Evaporation
Hydrates Skin
Opens Pores
Auto-Shut Off Function - Empty Reservoir
20S Fast Boiling
Stainless Steel Water Storage
Available in Pink or Purple


Rapid Steam Production
20s rapid boiling features means less time waiting and more time steaming to help open pores, moisturize the skin, or output essential or aromatherapy oils.

Two Facial Steaming Masks
Comes with two facial steaming masks, 1 delivering complete coverage of the face for maximum hydration. Another is focused on the nasal area, offering sinus relief and steaming of the nose with great effect.


1 Facial Steamer
1 Wide Facial Sauna Cone
1 Nose Sauna Cone
1 Measuring Cup
1 User Manual