Absolute Alpha Clipper

$134.95 $129.95
Discover the Gamma+ Absolute Alpha Clipper, featuring a modular metal chassis, 240 minute run time, and adjustable taper lever for delivering controlled precision cuts. Ideal for refined fades and blends, the adjustable taper lever is perfect for controlling the blade cutting length. Equipped with a lithium-ion battery, the Alpha Clipper can be recharged in 2 hours and utilizes a universal microUSB port and charging stand.

Model: Alpha Protege
Modular Metal Construction - 3 Chassis Shells
240 Minute Run Time
2 Hour Charge Time
Floating Taper
Drop Top Skeletonized Axis Shield
Black Diamond Carbon Blade
Gold Titanium Deep Tooth Cutting Blade
5 Magnetic Guide Combs
Universal MicroUSB Port


1 Gamma+ Alpha Protege Clipper
5 Magnetic Guide Combs
1 Charging Stand
1 Mini Screwdriver
2 Cutters
4 Hole Bracket Mod
1 Cleaning/Maintenance Kit