EVO Professional Modular Trimmer

Check out the Gamma Plus EVO Professional Modular Trimmer, featuring 3 chassis shells, 4 cutter blades, and a magnetic motor for quiet powerful cutting. Operating in a cordless manner, the EVO Trimmer can deliver precision trimming without any pesky cords to get tangled in. Outfitted with 3 chassis shells, the EVO Trimmer can be modified to suit any particular style with different metal shells. With a removable drop top, the blade can be skeletonized, revealing the blade for an accurate view of the cutting edge. With a quiet but powerful magnetic motor, the Gamma Plus Evo can deliver excellent lineups and shaves that will amaze even the most seasoned barbers or stylists.

Model: EVO
Modular Metal Construction - 3 Chassis Shells
2 Hour Runtime
Removable Drop Top Options - Skeleton Blade
Lithium-Ion Battery
Quiet Magnetic Motor
Voltage: 100-240V
50-60 Hz
10,000 SPM
Over 5000 Hours of Motor Life
Black DLC Standard Fixed Blade - Diamond-Like Carbon
Deep Toothed Ceramic Cutter
Black Diamond Shallow Tooth Cutter
Special Wide Cutter Blade
Universal MicroUSB Charging Stand
Cordless Operation
One Year Warranty


1 EVO Trimmer
2 Body Kits
4 Cutting Blades
1 Charging Stand
1 MicroUSB Cable
3 Guards
1 Cleaning/Maintenance Kit
1 Screwdriver