Uno Lithium-ion Single Foil Shaver

$49.95 $48.95
Check out Gamma+ UNO Single Foil Shaver, featuring a gold titanium foil to prevent razor burn, ingrown hairs, and skin irritation when shaving. The close cutting ability is strengthened with forged cutters that remain sharper and can ge through the coarsest hair with ease. Powered by a lithium-ion battery, the UNO Single Foil Shaver can run for 2 hours before a 30 minute charge is needed.

Model: UNO
Single Foil Shaver
Lithium-Ion Battery
120 Minute Run Time
30 Minute Charge Time
Supercharged Motor
9000 RPM
Crunchy Cutters
Forged Cutters
Hypoallergenic Gold Titanium Foil
MicroUSB Port


1 UNO Shaver
1 Forged Cutter
1 Crunchy Cutter
1 Multifunction USB Charger
1 Adapter
1 Plush Velvet Bag