Jade Roller for Face Body Facial Therapy Massager - Black Obsidian

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Shop the Jade Roller for Face Body Facial Therapy Massager, used to increase efficiency of skin care products, collagen production, and reduce fine lines. Black obisidian is born from potent energies and is razor sharp, instilling in the owner strong mental sharpness and focus. This helps with discerning fact from fiction and allows the user to feel grounded and unmoving in the the search of truth.

Black Obsidian Roller Stone
Double Sided Stone Roller
Stone and Metal Construction
Smooth Rolling Action
Large Stone for Bigger Areas
Smaller Stone for Precision Rolling
Specialized Stone


Dual Sided Function
Larger roller stone is used for larger areas like the cheeks, forehead, and temples. The smaller stone is best for smaller areas that need precision rolling like the nose, eyes, or around the mouth and chin.

Gemstone Healing Properties
Known as the stone of truth, black obsidian carries strong energies to help discern truth from fiction. Formed from potent energy, black obisidian is naturally sharp and can help with developing razor sharp focus and mental acuity while helping them feel grounded, focused, and clear.

Naturally Cold Stones
The properties of stones are naturally cold, allowing for a cooling effect when used on the skin and can be stored in a fridge or freezer to help tighten pores or relieve fatigue, hot flashes, or cool the skin.

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