KM-1949 Professional Hair Clipper Trimmer

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Finish your masterpiece with the Kemei KM-1949 Professional Hair Clipper Trimmer, featuring a rotary motor, corded or cordless operation, and wide T-blade. Constructed with an all-metal housing, the KM-1949 is impervious to light falls and drops. Outfitted with a powerful motor within, the KM-1949 Trimmer is not susceptible to snags or stalls, even when confronted with thick or coarse hair. Working through any type of hair, the carbon steel T-Blade can cover plenty of room and is great for balding or finishing necklines. With a single on/off switch, the chassis is not complicated and is easy to use. Equipped with an integrated lithium-ion battery, the Kemei KM-1949 is great for stylists that do not want to be hampered by a power cord as a full charge provides 120 minutes of unwavering runtime. However, should a recharge be necessary in the middle of a cut, the KM-1949 can switch to corded operation to complete the job.


Model: KM-1949
Integrated 1400mAh Li-ion Battery
120 Minutes Run Time
Powerful Durable Motor
6400-6900 RPM
All-Metal Housing
LED Indicator Light
Carbon Steel T-Blade
On/Off Switch
Corded/Cordless Operation
USB Charging


Simple Operation
A single switch to operate the on/off function of this clipper makes use incredibly easy, as the powerful motor within does the rest, cutting through thick or thin hair with smooth sharp precision. Running at 6400-6900 SPM, the motor is perfect and does not snag or stall when confronted with coarse hair.

Carbon Steel T-Blade
Self sharpening T-Blade allows for high precision cutting. Combined with the motor, this T-Blade is great for outlining or trimming necklines with a smooth sharpness that is unparalleled. Perfect for balding, this blade covers more area and is extremely precise.

Corded/Cordless Function
With an internal lithium-ion battery, the KM-1949 can be used for 120 minutes run time in between charges. However, if cutting should go past 120 minutes, the KM-1949 can switch from cordless operation to corded operation to allow the stylist or barber to finish their masterpiece uninterrupted.


1 Kemei KM-1949 Clipper
3 Attachment Combs
1 Cleaning Brush
1 Black Blade Guard
1 Plastic Comb
1 USB Charging Cable
1 Instruction Book