KM-1974A Professional Hair Clippers Trimmer Kit

$39.99 $19.95
Discover the Kemei KM-1974A Professional Hair Clippers Trimmer Kit, featuring a 1200mAh 18500 battery, carbon-steel t-blade, and single button operation. With the ability to cut through swaths of hair or make precision trims and cuts, this hair clipper is great for beginners or use for a professional barber as a backup trimmer. In addition, the replaceable 1200mAh battery is great for those that are on-the-go or traveling while ensuring long lasting precision cuts and trims thanks to the carbon steel t-blade.

Model: KM-1974A
Replaceable 18500 Battery - 1200mAh
120 Minutes Run Time
Powerful Rotary Motor
Carbon-Steel T-Blade
Skeleton Clipper Head
Can Be Zero-Gapped
Cordless Operation
Bottom Power Switch


Swappable Rechargeable Battery
Spacious 18500 battery measuring in at 1200mAh, the KM-1974A allows for cordless operation and can be switched to a fresh included battery when the previously installed one runs out. Coming with an external battery charger, the KM-1974A is great for those on-the-go or traveling.

Visually-Striking Construction
Constructed from zinc-alloy, the chassis of the hair clippers is ornate and incredibly detailed. The hair trimmer retains a high-visibility skeletonized cutter head to make precision trims and cuts easy and attainable.

Simple Operation
A single power button sits at the base of the hair trimmer delivering strong rotary power to cut through swaths of hair. With a powerful motor working in conjunction with special carbon steel blades, the hair trimmer can make precision cuts through tougher hair or help eliminate excessively long hair with ease.


1 Hair Cutting Tool
1 Cleaning Brush
2 Battery
1 Charging Adapter