KM-1986+PG Professional Hair Clippers Trimmer Kit

$51.99 $39.95
Shop the Kemei KM-1986+PG Professional Hair Clippers Trimmer Kit, featuring an internal 2200mAh battery, taper lever, and prominent LED Screen. Offered with a carbon steel cutter blade, the KM-1986+PG offers extremely refined trims and cuts with high precision. Equipped with an internal 2200mAh battery, the clipper can be used in a corded or cordless operation for preference or when the internal battery begins running out.

Integrated 2200mAh Battery
Stainless Steel Construction
300m Runtime
LED Indicator Light
LED Display Screen
Adjustable Taper Lever
4 Guide Combs - 1.5mm, 3mm, 6mm, 9mm
On/Off Switch
Corded/Cordless Operation


Corded / Cordless Operation
Internal 2200mAh battery is rechargeable, delivering plenty of power in both a corded and cordless function. Great for cutting hair without the pesky wire getting in the way, the KM-1986 can be plugged in when the battery begins to die for strong and precise hair trimming.

Adjustable Taper Lever
With an adjustable taper lever, the blades can be incrementally changed between guide combs, granting a higher level of refinement between standard guide comb lengths. Assisting with fades and making blending incredibly easy, an adjustable taper lever helps assist with higher end cuts and trims with improved control over the cutting length.

LED Display Screen
Noting information on the LED Display Screen, the KM-1986 Clippers relay critical information like remaining battery life and speed settings to give more control over hair cutting and any need for recharging or corded cutter operation.


1 Hair Clipper 
1 USB Powercord
4 Guide Combs
1 Limit Comb
1 Cleaning Brush