KM-700B Professional Hair Clippers Trimmer Kit

$34.99 $19.95
Discover the Kemei KM-700B Professional Hair Clippers Trimmer Kit, featuring an internal 1200mAh battery, cordless operation, and visually striking shell. Impervious to coarser hair, the KM700B features a strong motor to cut through all hair types and deliver a high precision cut or trim. The blade's cutting surface highly defined for a seamless cutting experience.

Dimensions - 150mm by 40mm
Integrated 1200mAh Battery
300min Runtime
Voltage: 110-240V
50-60 Hz
Power: 10W
Single Button
Skeletonized Cutter Head
3 Guide Combs - 1mm, 2mm, 3mm
Corded/Cordless Operation


Visually-Striking Construction
Constructed from zinc-alloy, the chassis of the hair clippers is ornate and incredibly detailed. The hair trimmer retains a high-visibility skeletonized cutter head to make precision trims and cuts easy and attainable.

Simple Operation
A single power button sits at the base of the hair trimmer delivering strong rotary power to cut through swaths of hair. With a powerful motor working in conjunction with special carbon steel blades, the hair trimmer can make precision cuts through tougher hair or help eliminate excessively long hair with ease.

Corded / Cordless Operation
Corded or cordless operation is possible, thanks to the internal 1200mAh battery, delivering constant and stable power to the carbon steel cutting blades. Cordless operation grants uninterrupted operation since there is no wires to get in the way, but can be plugged in should the internal battery begin to falter.


1 Hair Cutting Tool
1 Cleaning Brush
3 Limit Combs
1 Charger