LED Tri-Fold 1X 3X 2X Magnifying Makeup Mirror

Discover the LED Tri-Fold 1X 3X 2X Magnifying Makeup Mirror, featuring a triple mirror configuration that delivers an all-around look of the face. Lit by 21 LED Lights, the brightness is adjustable via touchscreen button. Each mirror has a different magnification level for more definition and clarity when doing high precision make-up like eyebrows or eyeliner.

Dimensions - 279mm by 185.4mm by 99mm
Middle Mirror Dimensions - 241.3mm by 177.8mm
Double Side Mirror Dimensions - 241.3mm by 81.2mm
ABS Plastic with UV Coating Construction
Adjustable Brightness - 21 LED Lights
180 Rotation & Tri-Foldable
Flat Mirror - 1X 3X 10X Magnification
10X Magnification Circle - 2 Suction Cup Attachments
2 Power Supply Options - Battery or USB Powered
Touch Screen Control
Back Mount On/Off Switch


180° Rotation Tri-Fold Construction
Built in a tri-fold configuration, the LED Magnifying Make Up Mirror features two smaller mirrors that fold out from the middle, offering an all around view of the face. The fold out system allows for smaller storage footprint when not needed and can be expanded to display more when necessary. Mirrors can be fixed in any position to give the best viewing angle.

3 Levels of Magnifications
Offering 1X, 3X, and 10X magnification levels, the LED Magnifying Make Up Mirror can display smaller details with the folded out mirrors or utilize the suction cup attached circular 10X mirror to show the finest details when touching up eyeliner or elebrows for better precision.

Dual Power Supply
Two power options are possible, offering options between 4 AAA batteries or utilizing an included microUSB Port charger that can provide ample power to the 21 LED Lights installed on the front. Do not use both power supply options at the same time.