Mini 4L Cosmetic Fridge Makeup Refrigerator

Discover the Mini 4L Cosmetic Fridge Make Up Refrigerator, a quiet makeup refrigerator that can chill and heat skincare products, food, drinks, or snacks. Crafted from durable ABS plastic, the Cosmetic Fridge can be used on the go or left at home thanks to the USB car charging feature.

Dimensions - 274.3mm by 243.8mm by 182.8mm
Ultra Quiet 42dB Sound Level
Can Cool 40-45°F
Can Heat Up to 60°F
Heat/Cool Switch
Hinged Swing Door
Supports Home & Car Use with Power Supply
Can Be Used For Snacks & Beverages


Quiet Sound Levels
Operating at 42dB, the Cosmetic Makeup Refrigerator is ultra quiet in function while keeping any makeup, cosmetics, or beauty products chilled preventing degradation or helping reduce puffiness in the skin.

Heats & Cools
With the flip of a back-mounted switch, this Makeup Refrigerator can cool between 40-45°F or warm up to 60°F, keeping makeup, drinks, or snacks at the desired temperature for enjoyment. The insulated door and walls help maintain the temperature within the perfect temperature range.

Portable & Lightweight
Strong in construction, but lightweight and portable, this storage refrigerator can be used on the go, thanks to the USB Car Charging capabilities or be used within the house or bathroom if plugged into the wall. ABS Plastic Construction is lightweight yet durable.