Spray Disinfectant

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Clean with Oster - Spray Disinfectant, an aerosol spray that works to prevent mold, viruses, bacteria, and deodorizes without depleting the ozone layer. Excellent for use in salons and barbershops to sanitize tools and equipment, this spray is effective against germs and viruses and helps prevent mold and mildew. Strong enough to be used in hospitals and homes, this spray is great for high-traffic areas to maintain a clean and germ-free environment.

1 LB / 454g
Disinfectant Spray
Excellent for Grooming Tools and Equipment
Effective Against Anti-Biotic Resistant Strains VRE, MRSA
Germicidal, Staphylocidal, Pseudomonacidal, Virucidal, Deodorizes
Prevents Mold and Mildew on Hard, Non-Porous Surfaces
Does not contain CFC's or Ozone Depleting Substances

Shake well before use.

Ethyl Alcohol 44.25%
n-Alkyl (50% C-14, 40% C-12, 10% C-16) (dimethyl benzyl ammonium chloride) 0.33%
a-Phenylphenol 0.25%,
Inert Ingredients: 55.17% (Contains 0.3% sodium nitrite)