Selfie LED Light Ring

$17.99 $4.95
Check out the Selfie LED Light Ring featuring 24 LED Lights with three brightness levels set on a clippable ring that is perfect for smartphones. With a quick release attachment to smartphones or tablets, this LED Light ring takes well-lit selfies in situations with subpar lighting, illuminating the subjects or objects with clear light.

8.5" Diameter
Integrated Rechargeable Battery
Clips onto Smartphones & Tablets
3 Brightness Intensities
Single Button Operation
24 LED Lights
MicroUSB Port
Available in White, Black, Pink, or Blue


3 Brightness Settings
24 white LEDs dot the 8.5" diameter, shedding 3 tiers of illuminating light, controllable by the single button operation, to deliver outstanding selfie photos or crystal clear livestreams with high quality and definition.

Clippable Selfie Ring Light
Simple clip system allows for quick and easy installation on smartphones or tablets when selfies are being taken and can be quickly removed and put away when not in use for high quality, well-lit photos.

Integrated Rechargeable Battery
Featuring a microUSB port, the integrated rechargeable battery is useful in eliminating reliance on disposable batteries. Extremely portable and not requiring extra equipment, this selfie ring light can be charged before it is needed and can be brought around with ease.


1 LED Selfie Light
1 MicroUSB Cable