Mini 6W LED UV Nail Dryer Gel Lamp

$14.99 $4.95
Check out the Sun Mini 6W LED UV Nail Dryer Gel Lamp, featuring a dual LED UV light source to help quickly cure or dry LED or UV gel nails and nail polish. Equipped with a two setting timer, the nail dryer lamp can be used to cure or dry any LED or UV nails without blackening them. Great for someone who travels alot, the Nail Dryer Lamp is portable and features a fold out construction, deploying two leg stands to prop up the dryer lamp. Powered by a microUSB port, the nail dryer lamp can be used on-the-go by plugging it into a laptop, power bank or computer.

Dimensions - 131mm by 67mm by 19mm
Power: 6W
Wavelength: 365+405nm
PC & ABS Construction
Light Source: 6 Dual Source 
UV/LED Lamp Beads
45s or 60s Timer Settings
Fold Out Design
Cures All Types of UV or LED Nail Polish
Can be used to Detect Fluoresence
Works for Fingers and Toes
MicroUSB Port


Double Light Source
6 LED/UV dual light sources help activated and dry UV or LED nail polishes reducing drying time by 30%. 2 timers for 45s or 60s help set manual drying times for different stages and layers of application.

Fold-Out Built In Design
Featuring two fold-out legs, the design of the Nail Dryer Lamp allows for compact storage for use anytime, anywhere. Utilizing microUSB connection, the Nail Dryer Lamp can be plugged into a laptop, computer, or power bank for usage wherever it is needed.

Fluorescence Detector
Lights can be used as a fluorescence detector, highlighting any glowing agents from pet urine or stains, perfect for those that are traveling or staying at hotels. Undetectable by the naked eye, the UV light helps identify any trouble spots, protecting you and your skin from unclean bacteria.


1 Nail Lamp
1 User Manual
1 USB Charger