X5 Plus 80W LED UV Nail Dryer Gel Lamp

$59.99 $14.95
Discover the Sun X5 Plus 80W LED UV Nail Dryer Gel Lamp to help dry gel nails on the fingers or toes for up to 80% decrease in curing or drying time. A 4-setting timer helps turn on and off the dual light source design outputting UV and LED lights to cure almost all nail gel polish.

Dimensions - 220mm by 185mm by 90mm
Power: 80W
Wavelength: 365+405nm
Intelligent Induction
Light Source: 36 Dual Source UV/LED Lamp Beads
10s, 30s, 60s Timer Settings
Infrared Smart Sensor
LCD Display Screen
Magnetic Base
Rounded Design to Retain Heat
Cures All Types of UV or LED Nail Polish

Works for Fingers and Toes


Double Light Source
36 UV/LED LED Beads help cure and dry different types of nail gel polish and glues for impeccable nail art, anytime and anywhere. Smart sensors sense when fingers or toes are placed under the lamp head to turn on and off the lights saving time and energy effectively.

Magnetic Base
Detachable magnetic base plate allows for removal to place toes underneath the lamp lights, making cleaning and sanitizing easy and effortless. Large design allows for two hands or feet to be placed under the lamps for faster drying and curing of applied gel nails or glues.

Rounded Enclosure
UV and LED lights output all around for drying at the top and sides of the nails for an effective cure. Big enough to accommodate two hands or feet, the LED light lamps are efficient and can decrease drying time by 80%, saving time and energy. The rounded design allows for rentention of heat to more effectively dry nails.


1 SUN X5 Plus
1 Adapter
1 User Manual