Barber Combo Pack Fading/Lining

$125.99 $104.99
Discover the Wahl Barber Combo Pack, featuring the Legend Clipper and Hero Trimmer, perfect for soft line blending, fading, and fine line detailing. Equipped with an adjustable extended taper lever and 11 guide combs in total, the combo pack is perfect for a starter barber pack that will excel in delivering versatile haircuts and styles.

Model: Legend
Item: #8147
60 Hz
V9000 Electromagnetic Motor
On/Off Switch
2228 Wedge Blade
Zero Gappable
Hard Plastic Construction
Recommended for Blending and Soft Line Fading
Adjustable Taper Lever
8 Guide Combs - 1/16" - 1"
8ft Corded Operation
Model: Hero
Item: #8991
60 Hz
Rotary Motor
On/Off Switch
1062-600 Adjustable T-Blade
Zero Gappable
3 Guide Combs - 1/16"-3/16"
Cordless Operation
One Year Limited Warranty


1 Legend Clipper
1 Hero Clipper
11 Guide Combs
1 Styling Comb
1 Blade Oil
2 Red Blade Guards
1 Operating Instruction