Ultrasonic Facial Cleansing Brush with Rotating Magnetic Beads

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Discover the 11:11 - Ultrasonic Facial Cleansing Brush with Rotating Magnetic Beads, a 4-speed vibrating ultrasonic cleansing brush that blasts away grime. In addition, it can be used to stimulate tissue regeneration and deeply cleanse the pores with soft silicone bristles. Magnetic fields created by the gentle rotating beads help stimulate collagen production non-invasively and can speed up wound healing. Built from soft silicone, the bristles and ergonomic chassis are easy on the hands and can be used up to 80 times in between charges facilitated by the magnetic charging stand.

Dimensions - 53.4mm by 42.5mm by 10.8mm
4 Speed Cleansing Brush
Magnetic Rotating Beads - 60r/min
Soft-Silicone Construction
Integrated Rechargeable Battery - Charging Base
Hygenic Silicone Bristles
Massaging Ultrasonic Vibration
Magnetic Ergonomic Handle


4-Gear Function
Four Gear Function offers different speeds and vibrations levels for more deeper cleansing or different areas of sensitivity like T-Zone. The first gear, vibration is gently with rotating magnetic beads. The second gear, vibration is strong with rotating magnetic beads. The third gear features no vibration but maintains rotating beads. The fourth gear offers strong vibration without the rotation of the magnetic beads.

Magnetic Beads
Magnetic Beads rotate to generate a magnetic field helping improve and rejuvenate the skin. Stimulating multiple biological processes without effecting nerve or muscle tissue, magnetic fields are a non-invasive technique that has been used to effectively manage wounds and exposed tissues since the 1950's. Inducing the production of collagen, the magnetic field from the beads help create a wound healing response.

Ergonomic IPX7 Waterproof Design
Constructed from food-grade silicone, the entire body can be washed, making this a perfect cleansing brush that can be used in the shower, sink, or bathroom without any fear of failure. The soft silicone exterior is easy on the hands and is ergonomically designed to fit comfortably in the hands without sacrificing grip.

Magnetic Charging Stand
The charging stand holds the brush securely with a steadfast magnetic connection and is hygenic, angling the brush head up, preventing contamination. A single full charge can last for 80 uses, making this an ideal facial cleansing brush for those that are on-the-go or traveling.


1 Soft Silicone Brush
1 Magnetic Charging Stand
1 MicroUSB Cable