Check out Babyliss Pro - Limited Collection, featuring the stylist favorites FX870 and FX787 Clipper and Trimmer cut and shave amazing hairstyles and 'dos. Pairing the FX870 Clipper and FX787 Trimmer, the Babyliss Pro Limited Edition combo helps is great for cutting swaths of all types of hairs, including the coarsest of hair. Coupled with the FX787 Trimmer, this trimmer is perfect for finishing cuts, delivering sharp lines and removing any errant hairs.

Babyliss Pro FX780 Metal Lithium Clipper Features:
Model: FX870
Ferrari Designed Engine - Rotary
High-Carbon Stainless Steel Blade
Replacement Blade: #FX801
5-Detent Taper Control
Li-Ion Battery - 2-Hour Runtime
All Metal Housing / Knurled Barbell Grip
Cord/Cordless, Dual Voltage
Includes 8 Comb Attachments
1/18", 1/8", 3/16", 1/4", 3/8", 1/2", 5/8" & 3/4"
Detent Hanging Hook
Limited 2-Year Warranty

Babyliss Pro FX787 Metal Lithium Trimmer Features:
Model: FX787
Ferrari Designed Engine - Brushless
DLC Titanium-Coated Blade 
Replacement Blade: #FX707
Adjustable Zero Gap T-Blade
Exposed 360° View
5-Detent Taper Control
LI-ion Battery - 2-Hour Runtime
All-Metal Housing/Knurled Barbell Grip
Cord/Cordless Operation
Includes 8 Comb Attachments
Detent Hanging Hook
Limited 2-Year Warranty


1 FX870 Clipper
1 FX787 Trimmer
8 Comb Attachments
2 Blade Oil
1 Clipper Guard
1 Trimmer Guard
2 Charging Cables