Ergo Magnetic Clipper

$199.95 $179.95
Shop the Gamma+ Ergo Clipper, featuring a powerful magnetic battery that runs smoothly and quietly, with a zero-gappable Black Diamond Carbon DLC Blade. Built with an adjustable taper click lever, the Ergo Clipper can be used for fades and blends and can be set to different cutting lengths by using the 3 included guide combs and 4 setting taper lever.

Model: Ergo Clipper
Modular Metal Construction - 3 Chassis Shells
Lithium-Ion Battery
120 Minute Run Time
Magnetic Motor
10,000 RPM
Black Diamond Carbon DLC Blade
Zero-Gappable Blade
Adjustable Taper - Click Lever
3 Magnetic Guide Combs
Universal MicroUSB Port


1 ERGO Clipper
1 Charging Stand
1 Pass Thru Cord
5 Guide Combs
3 Lids
1 Pack of Spare Screws
1 Transparent Thumb Rest
1 Mini Screwdriver