Hydra Roller 64 Titanium Needle Serum Applicator


Shop the Hydra Roller 64 Titanium Needle Serum Applicator, featuring titanium microneedles set on a derma rolling system with a 10mL capacity. The titanium needles are coating in hypoallergenic gold to reduce irritation and are 0.13mm in diameter to create finer channels for better absorption of serums. Holding up to 10mL of your favorite serum or essence, this capacity allows slow administration of cosmetic products to boost efficiency through the microchannels created.


Titanium Microneedle - 64 Needles
Derma Roller System
Hypoallergenic Gold Coating
0.13mm Needle Diameter
3 Needle Length Options - 0.25mm, 0.5mm, 1.0mm
10mL Vial Capacity
Threaded Fill System
PVE Cap - Protects Needles & Reduces Entry of Germs
EO Gas Sterilization - Non-Pyrogen
Comes in a pack of one (1)


Titanium Microneedles
Gold plated titanium microneedles are hypoallergic to reduce chances of irritation or allergic responses. Measuring 0.13mm in diameter, the needles create fine channels within the epidermis for better absorption of serums or beauty products.

10mL Vial Capacity
Filled via threaded capped system, the 10mL vial capacity holds enough serum for a single session, delivering increased absorption through the channels created from microneedling nourishing the cells directly.

EO Gas Sterilization
Ethylene Oxide Gas sterilizes the needles and bottle to ensure no cross contamination or infection when removed from the packaging for peace of mind when microneedling.

Derma Roller System
Set on a derma roller system, the 64 needle configuration helps delivers many channels to absorb applied during the microneedling process and can be used in a continuous motion to ensure proper coverate,