Ergo Magnetic Modular Clipper

$199.95 $163.95
Discover the Stylecraft ERGO Magnetic Modular Clipper, featuring a replaceable chassis, lithium-ion battery, and black diamond carbon blade to deliver ultra-precision cutting. Equipped with a powerful magnetic motor, the ERGO Clipper can deliver amazing fades and tapers thanks to the adjustable lever to control the cutting length and can be used with the included 3 magnetic guide combs for further precision.

Model: Ergo Clipper
Modular Metal Construction - 3 Chassis Shells
Lithium-Ion Battery
120 Minute Run Time
Magnetic Motor
10,000 RPM
Black Diamond Carbon DLC Blade
Zero-Gappable Blade
Adjustable Taper - Click Lever
3 Magnetic Guide Combs
Universal MicroUSB Port


1 ERGO Clipper
1 Charging Stand
1 Pass Thru Cord
5 Guide Combs
3 Lids
1 Pack of Spare Screws
1 Transparent Thumb Rest
1 Mini Screwdriver