Ultima M8 Replacement Needle Cartridges

$36.99 $14.95

Discover the Dr. Pen ULTIMA M8 Replacement Needle Cartridges, featuring a 0.18mm needle, bayonet locking slot, and are sterilized for single use. Offering different needle counts and styles, the Dr. Pen Ultima A6S Replacement Needle Cartridges are also compatible with the Ultimate M8 Pen thanks to the secure triangular bayonet slots.

Comes in a pack of ten (10pcs)


Stainless Steel Microneedles
0.18mm Needle Diameter
Plastic Cartridge
Needle Cartridge Configurations
11 Needles
16 Needles
24 Needles
36 Needles
42 Needles
R Nano Needles
S Nano Needles
3D Nano Needles
5D Nano Square Needles
5D Nano Round Needles
Triangular Bayonet Slot (3L)
Single Use
Sterilized Packaging
Comes in a pack of ten (10)


Bayonet 3L Cartridge Connection
Revised 3L Connection maintains a sturdier connection to device, reducing slippage and chances for disconnecting cartridges for a more stable needling without dragging. The bayonet locking system allows for a safer and easier operation of the needling pen.

Smaller Diameter Needles
Utilizing thinner 0.18mm needles, there is less trauma and less pain for a more comfortable needling session. The smaller diameter microabrasions heal faster and more cleanly than larger diameter needles so sessions can be more frequent and easier on the epidermis.

Sterilized Single Packaging
Needle Cartridges are packaged in single packages and are sterile to prevent contamination or infection. The cartridges are single use and should not be shared to prevent any cross-contamination between users.