Finale Gold Foil and Cutter Bar Assembly

$30.99 $13.95

Shop the Wahl Finale Gold Foil Cutter Bar Assembly, featuring a gold foil and cutter blades for the Wahl 5-Star Finale Shaver for close smooth shaves.

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Wahl Finale Black Foil Shaver


Wahl Finale Gold Foil Features:
Model: #98541-3303
Replacement Foil
Hypoallergenic - Prevents Bumps
Fits exclusively on the 5-Star Finale Shaver (#8164)


Wahl Finale Gold Foil Cutter Bar Assembly Features:
Model: #98541-3203
Replacement Blade and Foil
Gold Foil Prevents Bumps
Compatible with the 5-Star Finale Shaver (#8164)