DRS Derma Roller System - 540 Needles

$34.99 $7.95

Boost the skin complexion and texture with the DRS Derma Roller System, featuring a roller with 540 needles designed to rejuvenate the skin. Creating microperforations that will boost the collagen production of the skin, the DRS Derma Roller System can improve absorption of any topical beauty creams or essences allowing them to penetrate deeper for better efficiency.


Tip: Please do not share Derma Roller products with anyone. If you have irritated skin or a skin condition, consult a doctor or dermatologist before use. Discontinue use promptly and consult a medical professional if signs of irritation or rash appear. The products may have additional information and instructions on or inside the packaging that you should carefully read and follow.


540 Microneedles
Stainless Steel Needles
ABS Roller Construction
Available in Different Needle Lengths


Improves Skin Condition
Microneedling helps reduce the appearance of scars and skin discoloration while rejuvenating the skin texture and complexion. Targeted microneedling sends a signal to the body to boost collagen production to help repair and smooth out the skin.

Boosts Beauty Product Absorption
Microperforations in the skin help boost the absorption of topical beauty products allowing for better and deeper penetration within the skin. Increasing efficacy of applied products, microneedling can work well when used in conjunction with wrinkle creams and moisturizing essences.

Increases Collagen Production & Synthesis
Targeted microneedling sends signals to the skin cells to improve collagen production and synthesis for improved texture and skin elasticity. Collagen helps with fine lines and wrinkles, tightening and lifting any sagging skin.